Is a small company in the small state of Rhode Island making hand-stitching kits with small footprints out of the studio of Cynthia Treen. When we are not designing or packaging our kits we are stitching for fun! So, follow our threads, visit our website ( and our Etsy shop (Cynthia Treen Studio) and break out your own needle and thread!
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Have you ever tried needle felting? It can become sort of an obsession once you start. A few months ago after visiting New England felting supply I had a quiet weekend alone at home and stayed up until about 2 am making this doll head. I wanted to try mixing wet and dry felting techniques to see the result in density and surface texture. Once I got started I couldn’t stop… it was so curious to watch the face morph while I wet felted it to tighten up the fibers. It went from being a young girl to a boy to an old man and back again! Later I spoke with a painter friend of mine and she told me that is exactly the same experience she has when painting portraits. Today I think I will give her some limbs…..